Saturday, January 22, 2005

Personal Shopper Seeing Red

I know it is difficult to think of what you need, want, desire. Here are a few little Valentine treats ideas you could ask for.
Zolo sets (the original wood ones, now sold in plastic). They are great for all ages stored in a big basket in the living room, waiting for play. This Pop Zolo Mini Building Set can you get started. Or a fabric version: Stacking Toys:Zolo Boa.

How 'bout these two item as a set? Sennelier Landscape Watercolor Block and
Aromatically Emotive Writing Pencils. Perfect pairing.

Nothing compares to receiving flowers and these would be excellent choices: Orchids for Lovers or Potted Lavendar. You can never go wrong with a Peony, perfect present in any color. Any of the new 2005 Perennials. For the non-squeamish gardener, a Worm Bin would hit the spot.

Perfumed soaps or a New Purse or an expensive Mulberry Blanket made from recycled wool sweaters.

A Coconut Pod Bowl (I have this one), Vegetable Parchment Bowls by Margaret Dorfman for your table. More tabletop goodies could be this Contour Bowl, and for those who want to fork out some cash, Twig Flatware. Yes, ma'am, Tea for Two, Leaf Teacups, to die for! Aaron Foster's recycled license plate art for you walls (support folk artist.)

Kathleen, I know you need this Chocolate Truffle Indulgence gift box! Some great Red Wine and a Wine Rack for storying all of those libations.

Maybe your pet needs a little love gift. Not sure why you could not make this yourself, the Message In A Bottle gift idea. A Red Collage or Japanese Red Floral bracelet. Better yet, a vintage bracelet.

Or you could get a gift to last for a long, long time. Adopt a dog. Got some more ideas! Leave a comment.


Liquid Sky Arts said...

Viva la truffles & wine... :)
Great links, the adoptable dogs were definitely the cherry on the top.
p.s. I'm dying to see the peonies...but the link failed.

Anonymous said...

aaahh...links. Glorious! Glorious!

-Super K

Kim Carney said...

Thanks Katleen, I fixed that peony link -- Kim

Giao said...

Wowza, what a list of links! I love peonies and scented writing tools! My oh my, what wonders await!

I owe you a return email, hope to write back this week. I hit another lump of don't-wannas when it came to getting online this weekend. =( Just wanted to say THANKS MUCH for all the great info!! :)

Jes said...

Oh my goodness Kim!!! I have been so crazy busy as of late, and haven't been over to visit in a while....and I'm going crazy reading all of your wonderful posts, links & AWESOME handmade goods!

I MUST come back more often!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kim, did you get anything at Martha's sale?? Guess who, girlfriend? Haven't heard back from you in soooo long!