Thursday, January 13, 2005

Look At Them

The first time I saw them stacked in a dusty corner of Bernie's Junk Store, in disarray, pages ripped out, photos cut from a spot where someone had lovingly inscribed who, when and where, I was stunned. I cried. Should I buy them all before someone else comes along and rips out another page? I ask Bernie, the store owner, "Don't you find this incredibly sad, someone's life collection carefully assembled and documented, just being torn apart? Where are the families that belong to these albums?" He says sometimes there is no one left, and sometimes, the family members simply don't want them. I love old photos, I love new photos. I have a huge collection of old photos, mine and others purchased. My creative director forwarded Look At Me created by Frederic Bonn. Wonderful! Do you think years from now when people are finding our photo albums to cut up and sell on Ebay, that they will find us as fascinating? Full of character, textures, wonderful emotions, fun, great clothes? I wonder.
Remember this? I participated in The Mirror Project so long ago, I had almost forgotten.

More photography experiences:


I always feel weird about emailing from their site, when it has really moved me and I want to comment on that. I did email John telling him how wonderful his site was, especially those photos of his children. He was very gracious. John Perkinson's beautiful dailyphotos at Orbit1.

Mark Tucker amazing portraits.

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Anonymom said...

I'm drawn to strangers' old photos, too. Especially when they're at a junk store. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who collects them. Mine are bridal portraits from the 1800s and early 1900s. I have never known what to do with them, but I like knowing they have a home. BTW, I love your blog!