Saturday, January 15, 2005

Such Dutch Fun

Sherry sent me some good links, which sent me on a window(s XP) shopping. I found a few quirky, very over-priced items I would love to own. As always, can only window shop until I win the lottery.

This set bowls and cups (1997) in various shades of white by Hella Jongerius, yummy! Found these on DroopDesign and can also be found on mossonline. Read about her Hella and her design approach. Sherry could actually make me some of these if she really, really wanted to!

Wishing Tree Candle Holder, completely lost the link to this wonderful candlestick!

200 Numbered Sugar Cubes with chocolate print by Matijs Korpershoek. Ivar Hagendoorn explains the numbered sugar cubes perfectly saying it introduced an element of choice in an otherwise identical product.

Crochet table by Marcel Wanders. Just look at the table, not the price tag.

Pure Yorkshire wool with delicate flower patterns...Allium Pillows. See more patterns at oromono.

Now, take something for motion sickness and go look at textiles of 20th century.


Nimbostratusdweller said...

Dear Kimmy.. I hit the Mother lode for design addicts via window shopping! What's it worth if I don't send it to you? You could lose your job over this! Sherry

Kim Carney said...

Who is going to fire me from my blog job?

Nimbostratusdweller said...

Wouldn't it be nice if blogging paid? I know it creates energy! Yours is particulary nice with all the links!