Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Shooting Inmates

Heard this tonight driving home on NPR, very compelling ... Shooting Inmates: A Photographer Copes With Grief.

Michele Brody

Always inspired to see Michele Brody's environmental artwork. More at Saatchi Online.

Nelly's blog

You know sometimes you run across a blog that you feel like you were separated at birth? Nelly's blog, where I found paprika and RAPHAËL GARNIER. Thank you!

Mandarin Ducks

Mandarin ducks are beautiful!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the Sun in Motion

The Sun in Motion, looking at that makes me thirsty.

In the deep

Science News Explorersweb creatures from the Antarctic Sea, I want to see a Brittle Star and maybe even get it tattooed on my body. Found on a beautiful place, a quickening

Monday, June 28, 2010

Synaptic Stimuli

Like I said, life is amazing. Found these at a wonderful place, Synaptic Stimuli - Transmissions of Consciousness and States of Being.

'Oyster Vision' from MORPHOLOGIC on Vimeo.

'Preener' from MORPHOLOGIC on Vimeo.

Rhett Dashwood

Rhett Dashwood's Mite is spectacular.

Mite from Rhett Dashwood on Vimeo.

Oceana Seaglass

Love the color and shapes of these Oceana Seaglass Triangle Plates at VivaTerra. Price, maybe not so much.


I am fascinated by these spectacular baobabs of Madagascar, Land of Giants, wouldn't you love to walk down the Avenue of the Baobabs?

Some wonderful images here at Native Tree Society.

John Lumbus

John Lumbus and his Cabaret Mechanical Theatre.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dulux Colour Atlas

I always want to take up knitting when I walk passed a display of colorful yarn. The collection is tantalizing. I feel the same looking at Dulux Colour Atlas.

I am done for the weekend

I had a busy weekend, mostly at the computer and a busier week ahead so I am calling it a day. To go chow down on Mom's Pork Roast Escabeche with baked yams and wild asparagus. Plus we have a new True Blood and Miss Marple mystery! I almost designed my friend a logo for his newly acquired shop and worked on a website design. Took a few photos. Visited with friends. Played with the dogs. I am tired. Now it is time for wine and favorite shows. Good night and have a great week ahead.

But before I go, must pass on what I found in my multi-tasking 30 minutes toilet/reading. The Bower Bird (my favorite) made a big splash in this months National Geographic, Build It {and they will come}. Don't you get mad when you can't find your own post about such an important subject as "Bower Birds"? Arrgghh. Anyway, do yourself a favor and go look at the lavish lure for the female. This world is be pretty amazing!

Tim Laman

Mock Orange

Thank you, neighbor!

mock orange

mock orange

TXT Island

TXT Island created by Tandem/Chris Gavin via The FontFeed.


Another activity to avoid cleaning my house and doing my projects -- Pinterest via Creature Comforts.


Moving images by dvdp, don't look if you are hungover. ;)


I need some Uff's made by Denice Langley Custom Leather Shoes.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Strange posey

This seedpod is so unusual.

strange posy

strange posy

strange posy

Total Inspiration

I am totally inspired at Total Inspiration.


I want to be a thing maker like Christopher Bettig.

Friday, June 25, 2010

2010 World Cup

2010 World Cup visualized, very very cool.

John Schulz

John Schulz has style as seen in this wonderful image below.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Tiny Victorian Cottage

OMG, is this the cutest thing ever? A Tiny Victorian Cottage at

About the garden

Reynolds Still explores the bush. Great garden paths I would love to have to have any of them.

Town & Country Gardens, blog about gardening.

Botany Photo of the Day. Isn't The Garden Buzz beautiful blog?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?, well, are you?

BBQ branding iron

Personalized BBQ branding iron available at Love it. (Now sold out but a great present idea). I bought D a D and J and M little brands many moons ago.

Embellished: The Art of Fabulous Fabrics

Embellished: The Art of Fabulous Fabrics at the Harris Museum.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sur La Table Cooking Classes

Sur La Table Cooking Classes for kids and teens sounds like a fun summer activity.

Marian Bantjes: Intricate beauty by design

Again, proof, if you do what you love, you will be happy. (Kim, are you listening?). I adore! Marian Bantjes work.

Renewable clothing

Flexibility - renewable clothing by Fernando Brízio. By placing colored felt-tip pens in the pockets of the dress its appearance changes over time. Within an hour - to one and a half hours the colored ink bleeds into the fabric and creates a one-off design for each occasion. the owner can then clean the dress and color it in a different way for each time they wear it. Via the delightful blog, Diving Meet.

Daily Drop Cap

Have I mentioned before how much I adore Daily Drop Cap?

Monday, June 21, 2010


Evalunda blog is brilliant.

Adrian Johnson

I love these animations by British illustrator Adrian Johnson. And his illustrations!

little something

I wish they could have name this product something else?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Curse

The headline could read, Curse of being a poor country. CURSE OF THE BLACK GOLD: 50 Years of Oil in the Niger Delta is simply unforgivable. In the wake of our own oil spill disaster, at least I have hope that we will clean that mess up faster than say, the Niger Delta has luck doing. But as I saw on some news story about Alaska shores and how if you just lift a couple of rocks you can still see a sheen, meaning, there is still oil there. I don't think these sort of tragedies are ever completely "cleaned up". These are the images breaking my heart. I am saying my prayers for all the folks trying to deal with the reality of this disaster on our back door.


Looks like my delightful friend and fellow blogger, Curt went off the have fun at BioBlitz. Why don't I ever do fun stuff like that? I miss having insects and moths and crickets. I don't see too many of them in my area of WA state. We have the occasional dragonfly, cabbage moth, common house flies, mosquitoes, pill bugs, lots and lots of spiders and bees and wasps.

I remember the first time we took Matt to Kansas, opened the car door to a symphony of crickets, cidadas, frogs, almost deafening. Matt's eyes got wide, looked at me and said "what is that noise?" David and I laughed a little but realized that he was missing something pretty spectacular in his childhood living in the PNW. He is afraid of spiders and I jokingly tell him, don't embarrass me and say that in public. Me, who grew up finding scorpions in my bed and would chase down tarantulas from their holes in the dirt, really am not afraid of any insects.

I forget how loud the night can get with all that activity. How June bugs hang around back porch lights and get stuck in your hair, or land upside down on the ground and spin 'round and 'round trying to fly away. I really like June bugs. I really miss seeing fire flies (or lightning bugs) and can't wait until I can see some again.
Of course, I don't miss fire ants, cockroaches and carpenter ants.

Oh, look, they have a bug-gathering event in WA state. So we do have some insects in Washington, just not on my street. Curt, see what you started?

Race to the End of the Earth

Sticking with the "cold weather" theme in the midst of summer ... Race to the End of the Earth Exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History looks really interesting.

Melt Zone

Changing Greenland - Melt Zone from National Geographic Magazine.


Snowbound for FotoFest on MediaStorm. "For five long winters, Lisa M. Robinson photographed in snow from New York to Colorado. The resulting color photographs become almost monochromatic in the snow and ice, distilled to their essential parts not unlike the deepest states of meditation." I am thinking people in really hot parts of the U.S. could use this right now. (My sister says, it is really hot in Texas and wants me to come visit -- let's say when it cools down).


Craig Ward is having fun with folds and I LOVE fold me close type experiment. Bravo.

Don't miss Robert Lang's folds way-new origami on

I like Geoff Riggle's blog. and Justine's Upon a Fold.

Peter Cark

Peter Clark's collages are positively magical. Makes me want to go cut up all of my old maps, letters and papers ') More at Rebecca Hossack Gallery.

Jan's Story

Get your tissues out and watch this amazing segment on CBS Sunday Morning about Jan's Story: Love and Early-Onset Alzheimer's.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This is Why I'll Never be an Adult

My S-I-L sent me this from Hyperbole and a Half, This is Why I'll Never be an Adult and it was so funny because that morning I had just created a little pie chart trying to establish why I feel like a robotic and uncreative. Pathetic little pie chart, huh? ;) Notice, lately Virble has taken over my blogging time.  I will stop wasting my time over that little word game!


I am so glad mom is remembering to cut some of the few peonies we have this year!

small ones


Tweeji — Follow dead people on Twitter.

Elana Winsberg

My very good and talented friend (and former Art Director), Elana Winsberg, has been painting up a storm at Gage Academy of Art. This is a self-portrait for the Best of Gage, which won second in show. She is amazing!

Filipe Jardim

Loving the loose ink illustration style of Filipe Jardim via Big Active.

From Filipe Jardim

Friday, June 18, 2010

Graduate in da house

Family post! We have a graduate in the house! As you can tell, we all all very happy.

Rubber Band Font

El Yob's Rubber Band Font via We Love Typography. Love!

From elyob

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer green

I will eat anything this color.


I think about this alot. Things that we will not be using in the near future.

24 Things Becoming Extinct in America?

Gadget Graveyard: 10 Technologies About to Go Extinct

Infectious Beauty

Luke Jerram's Infectious Beauty at the Heller Gallery,.

Geometric Puzzle

Geometric Puzzle on National Geographic Magazine. I solved the rabbit. ;)

Paolo Ventura

Paolo Ventura, Winter Stories. Fantastic!

From Paolo Ventura

Paolo Ventura on Winter Stories from Aperture Foundation on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shirts his way

Shirts My Way, although a little expensive, would be a good present for the dad who has everything.

Lego Soccer match

U.S.-England World Cup match, a more light-hearted version.

Vuvuzela Time!

Vuvuzela Time! - View any website like you're at the South Africa World Cup!

The Fun-Shed

I really would like to have a Fun-Shed like Lauren Liess at Pure Style Home has made for her yard. More on fun sheds at Pure Style Home.

Apex sheds, garden sheds at Spirit Sheds and a great list of links for sheds here. Shackletons, garden sheds look good. Storage Sheds & Garage, a blog dedicated to sheds! Cabins exceptional.

As luck would have it, I found this I love sheds link at Sophie's lovely blog.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I would totally wear this.

Going, going, gone gray

Funny, I run across these more often now that I am gray. Transitioning to Gray Hair - How to Stop Dyeing and Go Natural - Going Gray Looking Great!, gray hair helpers. Still coloring? Super Shiners, Going Gray Looking Great! A little funny, sad but true, Going Gray for 48 Hours.

I need a road trip

I want to go to Vantage, WA to see Ginkgo/Wanapum State Park

I want to see this petrified tree

Chocolate-Raspberry Tart

Chocolate-Raspberry Tart from Seattle Times looks good.

Piet van den Boog

Extraordinary portraits by Piet van den Boog (his site seems broken) showing his work at Mike Weiss Gallery in New York. Via American Contemporary Art.

Chris Marley

Chris Marley and his beautiful bugs were on Sunday Morning.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dandy Lion

I love this sweet Dandy Lion print at Spur Stor.

Gulf Charity Poster

The Heads of State's "Gulf Charity Poster".

From The Heads of State

Human Characters

50 Examples of Typography in Human Characters at Creative Repository.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sh*t box

I can think of several times I needed this.

Lost photo-mojo

I ironed for two days! Got all of my summer clothes ready and hung up. Gave away even more clothes that I think I can't wear anymore.

I think I have lost my photo mojo when it comes to shooting my flowers. Maybe I am not focusing on them ... just trying to capture a moment. The slugs love these little irises I planted and have almost eaten them to the ground. Slugs have destroyed my Forget-Me-Nots. I need to do more slug-hunting-midnight walks in the yard, where I go out with my flashlight and pruners ... if I see them, they get snipped in half.


one of my only Peonies this  year

Social Life, With Friends

Trevor O'Neil

Wonderful rings by Trevor O'Neil.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Johanna Basford

Johanna Basford beautiful work, creating The Edinburgh Festival Fringe cover with the help of twitter suggestions, her blog. I love this from her profile - "Inspired by my upbringing on a small fish farm in rural Aberdeenshire, Scotland, much of my work has roots in the flora and fauna that I grew up with. My wandering imagination and passion for drawing took me to Art School in Dundee, where I graduated with a first class honours degree in Printed Textiles in 2005."

Luciano Lozano

Love the color and illustrations of Luciano Lozano, his blog, his work via pica + pixel (the name of my two dogs).

In stitches

Peter Crawley beautiful work leaves me in stitches.

From Peter Crawley

Year One of wonderful wallpapers by different artist at Hard Feelings.

Big Band Dance

Our last Big Band Dance at EWHS a couple of weeks ago where Matt sand "You Make Me Feel So Young". (Notice he is looking a little pale). Matt was really lucky to be a part of such a great music program headed up by Mr. Jake Bergevin.

Mr. B. in his element.

Tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico

Dominique Browning on Why the BP Blowout Won't Be the Last Tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico.

Essentially Ellington photos

Grandma Post. Some good Essentially Ellington photos of M.

Sweet grass

It is the special time of year when the air is filled with that wonderful "cut grass" smell. So I thought I should change out my banner to reflect my mood. ;)

Spring pots

Of course I love spring pots by Dominique Browning.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Best Beach Books Ever

Audience Picks: 100 Best Beach Books Ever on NPR.

Craig Frazier

I know I have mentioned this before, Craig Frazier is one of my all time favorite illustrators. Page through his 98 Pages.

From Craig Frazier

From Craig Frazier

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cloud lovers

Cloud Appreciation Society, they love clouds.

Abby Sunderland

Rescue effort underway for teenage sailor Abby Sunderland, her last entry. I am really saying my prayers that she is found safely.

Heather Marchand

Sea Forms by Heather Marchand,love!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Show Us Your Boots

New Mexico Museum of Art - Show Us Your Boots

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Michael Tavano

Michael Tavano's 19th Repro Hall Chair Round. Lovely.


Me, Worry?

I worry about this more than I probably should ... Why Euro’s woes should scare us all?

Jen Corace

Jen Corace is selling a beautiful piece, "Down, Down, Down" at Tiny Showcase, half of the proceeds go to Gulf Restoration Network. I bought one, don't you want one?

From Tiny Showcase

The last song

Well, it's not the last song. I think M has a couple of performances during the summer. But as for Jazz performances with EWHS, last night was it. Funny to think of 10+ years of jazz, practicing, arguing about practicing, getting up at 5:30a for 0-hour class, private lessons and performances and now it is all over. Another milestone for D and I to get our heads around.


Sylvia Ptak

Extraordinary work of Sylvia Ptak. "The art of Sylvia Ptak is born from an elaborate and indeed almost obsessive desire to produce page after page of writing you cannot read, and to generate clouds of meaning you cannot readily fathom."

From Photographer: Michel Boucher

Monday, June 07, 2010


Hardball: Matthews proposes volunteerism: "Let me finish: Chris Matthews proposes that Obama create a Civilian Conservation Corps and deploy it in the Gulf, inviting Americans to help clean up the beaches and wetlands affected by the oil spill."

Ruby Beach

Tyler Westcott captures Ruby Beach. I want to go there.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Let's get the party started

Yeah, it was prom night last night. It was quite a day of preparation, pomp and primping. ;)

Prom night

Prom night

Prom night

Thanks, Gerrie!

Prom night

Prom night

Robin's good press

The many lenses of Robin Layton, great piece about Robin by Lonnie Lardner.

Video from Robin's opening night Los Angeles show

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Opening up

Spring passed me by. Not that I didn't notice the tulips, daffies and crocus. I just didn't manage to get personal with them, document their existence in the world this spring. And now a few little blooms hanging on the Kimberley Lilac bush. Snowballs are littering the grass in a carpet of white petals and I forgot to make myself a big bouquet. There has been so much rain that most flowers are literally melting on the plant. Today, however, is sunny! Peonies are not doing well. The move? The rain and lack of sun? Or I was wondering if my crappy "downer" mood is effecting my flowers? Well, it could happen?

Our family here from Kansas and New Mexico. Kids have prom tonight. M has a final show at the Triple Door on Monday night. Graduation coming up. It all seems to be happening at once ;0

Bri made breakfast and it is time to get on with our busy day.

I saw this little flower and thought about how it opens itself up with a purpose. I want to be like that.

opening up

opening up

Friday, June 04, 2010

How Queer Is That?

Newsweek's How Queer Is That?

Vitra Miniatures

I love looking at this page.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cheese & Burger Society

Cheese & Burger Society is making me hungry.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Matchbook Registry

The Matchbook Registry, love!

things harry likes

I like everything that harry likes.