Saturday, June 05, 2010

Opening up

Spring passed me by. Not that I didn't notice the tulips, daffies and crocus. I just didn't manage to get personal with them, document their existence in the world this spring. And now a few little blooms hanging on the Kimberley Lilac bush. Snowballs are littering the grass in a carpet of white petals and I forgot to make myself a big bouquet. There has been so much rain that most flowers are literally melting on the plant. Today, however, is sunny! Peonies are not doing well. The move? The rain and lack of sun? Or I was wondering if my crappy "downer" mood is effecting my flowers? Well, it could happen?

Our family here from Kansas and New Mexico. Kids have prom tonight. M has a final show at the Triple Door on Monday night. Graduation coming up. It all seems to be happening at once ;0

Bri made breakfast and it is time to get on with our busy day.

I saw this little flower and thought about how it opens itself up with a purpose. I want to be like that.

opening up

opening up


Anonymous said...

spring passed me by for the most part this year as well...i lost my husband and best friend last summer and so I feel i have no right to bask in beauty when he cannot. I feel that i need to live in darkness because he is. Crazy, I know. I understand the fallacy intellectually, but the mind isn't always the last word on things. I still love your blog......

Kim Carney said...

That is truly a reason to let spring and beauty pass you by. I am so so very sorry for your losses. With such sadness, time can be the only great healer. xoxo Kim


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Kim Carney said...

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Anonymous said...

thank you for responding to my sadness. Am trying to find meaning in art.......always a healer.