Sunday, June 20, 2010


Looks like my delightful friend and fellow blogger, Curt went off the have fun at BioBlitz. Why don't I ever do fun stuff like that? I miss having insects and moths and crickets. I don't see too many of them in my area of WA state. We have the occasional dragonfly, cabbage moth, common house flies, mosquitoes, pill bugs, lots and lots of spiders and bees and wasps.

I remember the first time we took Matt to Kansas, opened the car door to a symphony of crickets, cidadas, frogs, almost deafening. Matt's eyes got wide, looked at me and said "what is that noise?" David and I laughed a little but realized that he was missing something pretty spectacular in his childhood living in the PNW. He is afraid of spiders and I jokingly tell him, don't embarrass me and say that in public. Me, who grew up finding scorpions in my bed and would chase down tarantulas from their holes in the dirt, really am not afraid of any insects.

I forget how loud the night can get with all that activity. How June bugs hang around back porch lights and get stuck in your hair, or land upside down on the ground and spin 'round and 'round trying to fly away. I really like June bugs. I really miss seeing fire flies (or lightning bugs) and can't wait until I can see some again.
Of course, I don't miss fire ants, cockroaches and carpenter ants.

Oh, look, they have a bug-gathering event in WA state. So we do have some insects in Washington, just not on my street. Curt, see what you started?

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