Monday, January 03, 2011

Whatcha doin' to me?

I had forgotten about this song, but I am so glad I found it. Makes me feel 20 again! Isn't amazing you can remember where you were, what you were doing, how you were feeling when you hear songs from your past?

And Fly Like An Eagle!


Dorian Fletcher said...

Thanks for the memories, Kim. My first trip to the Fillmore was at age 18 - I saw the Jefferson Airplane (pre-Starship/Grace Slick). Their music became a backdrop for a special part of my life.

Maxinetoo said...

My favorite music comes from the 60's & 70's. I listen to it often but it sometimes makes me sad ... knowing my youth is gone and wondering where it went so darn fast. :(

Kim Carney said...

Well, it makes me feel happy and sad! yes, sistas! where did the time go?