Sunday, June 29, 2008

Smear Campaign

I receive lots of emails warning me against the "evil" Obama and I always wondered where does this crap originate from? So I was thrilled to see this story in the Seattle Times: Scholar traces online Obama smears.

I find this disturbing and insulting: Jeff & Mike Show #14 - 1/13/08 -- We chat with Beckwith...a man who's got the REAL skinny on Mr. "Secret Muslim Man" Obama ---we look at the political news and what's going on in the world as well. Rant Radio at is best.

Okay, first who is this Beckwith guy? What a bunch of crap on his website. I really wish someone on the Obama camp would sue them for defamation.

Sometimes I feel like an alien in my own country ... because I can't understand the words and the hate that are coming out of their mouths.


dee said...

Hi Kim, I'm back from vacation and if you want to hear some really scarry stuff just find yourself in the south for a week or two. They really believe that crap & have serious conversations about it. I was blown away and happy to return home. If I had to look at one more confederate flag and a gun rack I was going to bust! I had to excuse myself for some fresh air ten times a day. About the time we hit the Geo Washington Bridge my blood pressure returned to normal. Not sure how you can cram so much stupid into one place.

Scott W said...

The sleepwalkers in this country are slowly waking up--well, some of them are. You are not alone in feeling like an alien. The government has counted on all of us believing and following like lemmings--straight over the cliff. It's scary. Seriously scary.

Kim Carney said...

Oh, Dee! Mom and I just had a big laugh at your trip ... so glad it was you not me. Maybe I will postpone my trip to Texas until AFTER the elections!

Yes, Scott ... and if you listen to the Rant Radio piece ... you will want to move someplace else, any place else ;)

the camp said..., same thing here. i can't get over the venom and racists views that i hear daily. the simple fact is, bottom line is he is different and people allow irrational fear to ruin there brains. i couldn't agree more.