Thursday, July 24, 2008

Trip Log

We had a flat on the way to Portland. Not too much of an inconvenience. I walked out in a field and found some lovely things growing.





I know Kathy didn't like this one, but we were both trying so hard to get a good photo that we both liked, that we took a bunch! She is trying not to laugh and I can't help myself. ;)

Tara's hand during our painting class. Amber has some painted hands too, and her take on Jesse's workshop.

tara's paint hand

And finally, the reason I have been preoccupied lately. Trying to spend all of my off time finishing the walkway. So close now. Just planted some little ground cover in the cracks that I am also filling with black gravel.

this is how I have been spending all of my done time

this is how I have been spending all of my done time


Shelley Noble said...

Congratulations! That walkway is a dream! A total success!

Kim Carney said...

Thanks Shelley! I feel like I have been obsessed with it and now can move on!

phlegmfatale said...

Beautiful photos, and I love the painted hand best of all!

meggiecat said...

Love the photo of Tara's hand. It's a good one for your studio.

Yes, I hate that photo but it's a great one of you because that is how you really are and the photos you post rarely show you cracking up.

the camp said...

all gorgeous!

Tara Ross Studios said...

the new stone walkway looks wonderful, all that work paid off!

Hey, you snuck a photo of my hand!

Grandma PM said...

Beautiful job on the walkway. Our front steps and landing are in need of repair to the bricks. Bob wants to tile it and flagstones wouldn't be as slippery. Now that you are experienced we value your input - just kidding. I'm pushing to get the bricks reconcreted where needed. Take time to enjoy your hard work. GPMC

Sherry Stewart said...

Looks Great! Did you just do that? That hand is a work of art!

S'mee said...

Can I live with you?

The photos are great, and that one with Meggiecat is killing me! I can hear the giggling that came right after that shot!

Anonymous said...

The walkway looks wonderful! Congratulations on all your hard work.

Rachel said...

The pathway looks so great. Give yourself a major pat on the back.