Sunday, July 20, 2008

We Are Back

Tara, mom and I have returned from our lovely weekend trip to Portland. It feels like we have gone for a week! The highlight of our trip was dinner and fun visiting with Kathy, who is very much back blogging, by the way. After years of telephone calls, we finally got to hug and talk and visit IN PERSON. And it was fabulous.

On the way home today, we stopped by Powell's and Alberta Street to find a few galleries.

Jesse Reno's class was wonderful. He was a young, mild-mannered, genius .. full of ideas. I finished three pieces. I bought a piece from him! My mission was not to get all hung up on what was "right" to do ... and just create. Mission accomplished.

The man, the tie and his bad mood. My comment on corporate America.

The man, the tie and his bad mood


Mom found a nest for me on the ground. I thought she has bought it! We think it was made of horse hair and had blossoms from the tree where mom found it embedded in it.

the nest

We stopped by Powell's bookstore on the way home. I have a couple of artist names written on my arm to remember from books that I wanted to buy but didn't.

Mariko Kusumoto, Elizabeth Goluch, Nora Fok and Lisa & Scott Cylinder. From some fabulous jewelry book! More links to come tomorrow!

We are tired from so much fun, and happy to be home.


Shelley Noble said...

The art is so free and amazing, Kim! And that nest! So gorgeous it hurts!

jill said...

Your artwork is amazing... what a fun little trip!!

Tara Ross Studios said...

These photos of your work look fabulous!!!!!