Friday, January 23, 2009

My Life Takes A Backseat

This has not been my best "blogging" week. I worked the holiday (Monday) to prepare for Inauguration with the idea of taking today (Friday) off, but then something came up and I ended up going in to work. Between working 12 hour days and "the baby", blogging takes a back seat ... along with bathing, applying make-up, brushing hair, my own art ... I come home and practically go straight to bed so I can wake up at 430a and not feel like my brain if full of mush.

I have my "big" idea I want to work on sometime this weekend. Albeit, Saturday and Sunday are mostly spoken for ... Monday ... working on my "big" idea. My proto-type ... first one, goes to Lisa. ;) Can't wait to share.

On the way home tonight, noticed that Salvage Brokers (paper source) was going out of business. Stopped by and walked through each scary isle. OK, imagine a narrow isle, filled with reams of paper and boxes of envelopes, tilting inward, almost to ceiling. Every time I go there I say a little "please don't have an earthquake right now" prayer. Spent an hour looking through envelopes, paper, notebooks ... most could be consider "collectible" because they have been there so long. Did walk away with lots of stuff, mostly to give away to my friend. Velum envelopes were the big score. But where to put the "crap" in my own studio is another question.

The "baby" is asleep. I came home and took a nap. Now trying to strategize how to utilize my weekend hours. I really, really, really need to do something fun for my brain, because it is tired and numb right now.


Tara Ross Studios said...
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2 Geechee Girls said...

Ahhhh Kim everytime I find time to visit and I do mean find the time I am so refreshed here at Something to Say. I think you spoke the sentiment of reality "LIFE" very well and so poetically too!