Friday, March 24, 2006

My Seashell Experiments (So Far)

In my effort to reuse/recycle - I have attempted two more seashell items. The box (a thrift store wooden recipe box) is just for me, loaded with lots of shells, still working on that part. The mirror did not turn out as expected. But just think - all of those little shells from Thrift Store necklaces. Now my mom and her friends are all picking up seashell necklaces when they see them.
Giao and I were talking and looking at a chandelier she had found. I found one here, two from Horchow's here and here. NOT this, I just took one of these apart I bought at the Goodwill. BTW, this Shell Horizons is selling a lot of shells, do you think they left any out there in nature? Told mom to be on the look out for some ornate candle holder that I could experiment with. Other shell items I posted earlier here.

My seashell box

Shell mirror


abby said...

THis is SO amazing!!!I have been thinking about doing something similar-in this month's country living mag there is a great shelf dotted with shell...but this is so rad! Great work!

LDahl said...

I have a "thang" about boxes and shells too...soooo ...I LOVE THIS!!
How beautiful!

Sandra said...

Really nice!!