Saturday, March 25, 2006

Little Books In The Making

Liz and I were brainstorming the other day about her "trade". I love her 5 senses post. What a wonderful little book that concept would make! I was in a book-making-mode for years and have a good reference library of on the subject. Have lots of samples and examples, taught a little class at a retreat one time, for inspiration (not that I was proficient at that) but I had some good ideas.

Making Memory Books & Journals by Hand is one of my favorites, great instruction and inspiration.

Deborah Waimon

Deborah Waimon

Lori Kay Ludwig

Lori Kay Lugwig

Lori Kay Ludwig Transplant book

My favorite little book - Judy Serebrin's daily journal and also her work New Work: Soul Books.

Judy Serebrin's daily journal

This is so adorable - Barbara Correia of Badico Designs and fun images from Book Arts Jam 2003 and lots of good links. List of Bay Area Book Artist. Art Matters Online.

Another favorite book is Bookworks: Sue Doggett (ISBN 0823004910).

Isn't this lovely?

Poem book

Instruction on simple stitching and large view here.


Visual on 5, 7, 9 hole stitching

5, 7, 9 hole stitching

An old, rare book with the smell of ages. Yum. This and this make my mouth water via the most awesome BibliOdyssey.


cally said...

Got your comment on my naked SPT, and how thrilled I was to look into your site and see this post!

I am obsessed with handmade books, both making them myself and collecting other people's books, or images of them. The ones here are wonderful! Can I post one and a link to you on my blog next week?

ps, I loved your SPT photo, it's great, and you would share the same lens space as I did then, though I've since lost lots of weight saving up for DIY. The interests listed in your profile resonated with me ;0)

abby said...

Wow! Those are really awesoem! Sometimes altered books can be a bit "cheesey" but those are truly stunning. Thamks for the great links. ps-found your blog thru flickr-i'll be back

tricia said...

I LOVE books and have tried making a couple, but these are amazing! I'm inspired to try again. Happy Vacation! (and yes, a month makes so much more sense than 2 weeks.)

gracia said...

Hi there, The book by Sue Doggett is such a handy one, isn't it?

The Crafty-Girl™ said...

kim...this is a wonderfully informative post! would you mind if i refer to it on one of my sites?

Diane said...

I stumbledupon your blog and I was thrilled to read this post. It has given me lots of lovely follow up reading and references which to someone who makes handmade books is very inspiring. Your blog is great. I'll be back!