Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Many Thanks!

Out of the blue, I received this wonderful chair from Linda to go in my collection. Thank you!

Surprise chair from Linda

Sandra sent me a beautiful hand-sewn postcard.

Sandra sent me a postcard

Sherry made my a ceramic bowl with cover! I love it.

Sherry made me a bowl


Wee Cottage said...

Wow, what great mail....I want to be you! GRIN. Love that chair and the decoration on that envelope. Then I scrolled down to the rest of your blog and there was another great card that you got in the mail. Wonderful blog. How do you like that new camera? Looks like it takes great photos - love those little birdies!

Kim Carney said...

I was very lucky this month with the mail! Thank you. Yes, I have just used the camera a couple of times now, but it is much easier than my old Nikon coolpix. Can't wait to play with it more.

Karan said...

It is a lovely pile of goodies. I hope you're birthday has been fabulous. BTW...did you really mean to show all of us your address on the internet?

la vie en rose said...

oh the goodness!

Nimbostratusdweller said...

You're photography makes my bowl look better than life.
Happy Birthday Kim, I love you, and you are a beloved woman, child, friend.
You are celebrated, and personally, I am so glad you were born, and in my time... and that we met,
No small miracle, and no mistake.

A Birthday haiku for you..

Generous Pisces
Imaginative dreamer
Complicated heart
Joyous when helpful
Kind enigmatic spirit
Broad as the many seasons. Sherry

Karan said...

your...I meant your....I'm so illiterate. I hope your birthday was grand and that you're loving 50.