Sunday, May 18, 2008

CB I Hate Perfume

Reading the descriptions are as entertaining as wine reviews. Makes you want them all! I think one of each of these. Winter 1972 (A field of untouched new fallen snow, hand knit woolen mittens covered with frost, a hint of frozen forest & sleeping earth) and To See A Flower (Delicate spring flowers (hyacinth, daffodils, jonquils & crocuses), green shoots, wet dirt & a bit of moss) via A Cup Of Jo.


Shari Weller said...

hi. some perfume is ok. I don't use it that much. and ti's strong at times, because of people using so much of it.

Kim Carney said...

I have worn the same unisex W from Banana Republic forever ... but they quit making it! It is a slight hint of flowers, mainly violets ... I really loved that scent!

Momma Pajama said...

Oh, wow! You're right, I want all of them! I'd like to go to a shop in Seattle that carries them and sniff them all!