Thursday, March 19, 2009


Some stories leave me scratching my head. 36-year-old Swedish countess says she needs more than $53,000 a week. I am sure she knows that most of the world lives on far less per year. Yeah, I wanted to know what she looked like as well. Well, maybe HE should have married someone closer to his own age. Shame on both of them.


S'mee said...

What that money could do. Can you think of how many wells this woman could provide for people in countries where clean water isn't even available? I'm sick.

Water. Some people just need clean water and this woman is spending $5k a week on new clothes.

There is a special place in hell for this woman. And her husband.

Balwearie said...

She's utterly repulsive. She's lucky she's not living in France during the Revolution. Oi.

Maxinetoo said...

This type of overindulgence and flaunting make me sick!!!