Sunday, March 08, 2009

Shopping In LA

Well, I didn't expect to like to so much here! But being waited on hand and foot, the perfect meals, delightful and generous hostess in a wonderful neighborhood full of exquisite houses, hummingbirds, palm trees, blooming orange trees, backyard fountains ... certainly weighs in as a complete treat. Thank you guys, for such a vacation!

bird on twigs



I spent so much money today at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, honestly, I can't remember what I bought! I do remember I found my SIL the perfect BD present. I found a little treat for Liz ;) The rest I will have to unpack to repack for my flight home tomorrow. Here is me, with my dogs barking to sit down. Back to reality tomorrow. In the meantime, going inside to drink lots of wine and watch the "L" word.


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Scott W said...

I have a friend that used to sell at the Rose Bowl. It's a fascinating place. Glad you had a great time and loaded up!