Thursday, March 26, 2009

National Parks - In Your Face

Doesn't this make you want to get in you car and take a vacation? Large format photography of National Parks, Joshua Tree National Park , Death Valley, Pacific Coast and Mountain Parks.

My friend just took up rapelling (ok, personal joked abound about repelling rocks and men - a over-50 joke) at Enchanted Rock.


S'mee said...

Thor and I are lucky enough to live within 40 minutes of Joshua, a bit of 2 for Death Valley and depending on which beach 2-3 hours for the coast.

Holy Canole! Does it get better than this? I think not!

(Took advantage of my car and made a trip to the beach just today; planning on Joshua this weekend to see the wild flowers in bloom!)

Kim Carney said...

Oh, I want to see those wild flowers in bloom! I heard on radio the other day that this was a spectacular year. take pics!