Friday, March 13, 2009

Nasty Remarks Hurt

I commented on these adorable metal pegs (clothes pins?) back in 2006, leaving my name and blog id. I usually do that when I leave a comment some place ... and I just noticed this nasty little remark in regards to my comment. I hardly ever leave comments simply because I don't have the time. But at least the other commenter could have left link back the themselves. Anonymous nastiness is one thing I really do hate about the internet.


Up in the Air Somewhere said...

That is so strange! I love to click through to commenter's websites to get a sense of who likes what. I never thought of it as some kind of sneaky self-promotion. Negative comments are such a waste of everyone's time.

Amy said...

I like to click around on other commenters' links too, how else would we find all the great places we love to visit? I leave my info when I comment too for that very reason.

Miserable people love to spread their misery if they can. I'm sorry you had to stumble upon it.

jill said...

Ew. That is what it's all about... how else will you ever find other blogs? I always click on the links to get to the next great read!! duh.

Happy Birthday by the way!!

poo poo to all the haters!!

Kim Carney said...

Thank you very sympathetic friends ;) here is pathetic part, I looked over on the feedjit live traffic feed thingie and saw someone was directed from designboom and my heart skipped a beat ... I thought ... has designboom actually linked to me for some reason? and headed over to what that was all about ... I will never learn that lesson ... don't get too excited, all that glitters is not gold ;)
thanks again!

Ontheroad said...

While I agree nasty remarks hurt, know that the other person is just irrationally self-righteous and plum rude.

S'mee said...

Evidently I am so dull I don't understand what they were upset about...don't we all leave our site info when we comment?

Oy. This person needs to remember that there are starving people in the Ozarks and that someone just found out they have two months to live. Leaving your name after you make a positive comment makes a person upset? They need to pick up a paper.