Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I have issues

I have so many back issues of Martha Stewart dating back to 1991. Stacked up blocking a doorway to my sewing room. Trying to figure out what to do with them. I hate to tear them up. I have all ready given away more recent issues. What would you do with them? Goodwill? Tear them up and keep the best parts? Do you live close and want them? I hate being a indecisive hoarder.

According to Martha, I should get rid of them.

Hygge House on recycling magazines


Maxinetoo said...

LOL ... I so get your dilemma! I recently tossed stacks of home decorating mags and it killed me but I hadn't looked at them forever and they were outdated. I treat my mags like first edition books (I know, pathetic). I too thought of tearing out favorite pages ... have you considred how LONG that would take? :) I say toss them and don't look back. One other option might be to donate then to a retirement community/center.

Erin Wilson said...

I have a few friends who share magazines between us. I'm usually the last stop on the route. I used to tear pages from magazines and keep "idea files", but I've been trying to seriously reduce the amount of stuff I own (and move every few years). So I've started scanning what I really want to keep. I don't tear out of magazines anymore... I scan any image that I want.

It's funny... but there are A LOT fewer things I think I need if I need to scan it lol.

After I'm finished with them, they usually go into recycling, because they've been thoroughly used.

Erik said...

Some public and school libraries may take them to fill holes in their past issues...they would probably appreciate the donation.

jill said...

My grandmother collected the New Yorker for years and then took all the covers and wallpapered an entire wall in her kitchen. It was so cool and I wish I could find the one and only picture of it. I've secretly wanted to do this my whole life (copy cat). But I guess I'd have to start taking the magazine in order to start collecting don't ya think?

Lo and behold, I just happened (I swear, completely out of the blue) mentioned this my aunt (one of my grandmother's daughters) about this desire of mine and she soooo casually emails me and says, "Well, I have about 10 years worth of covers in a box "somewhere" in the basement, do you want them?" Do I want them...? Oh yessss! So within a week of this email exchange I had them in my posession. Can you believe it? I still can't.

I think something like this done with Martha Stewart Magazine's could be cool also. Maybe a wrapping closet and or... Hmmm, let me know if you don't dispose of them, I might like the covers!!

Hope your TURKEY day was filled with Family, Fun and great FOOD!!


jill said...

ps... I just read about donating them to a retirement home or hospitals or library, I think that is a GREAT idea!!