Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wild Graphic Content

I love this wild, graphic, colorful world of art! Especially the work of Matt Moore. More about this amazing talented Matt and his past life.

As a mom of a very creative son, painter, aspiring graffiti artist ... it is fine line to walk getting him inspired to put his ideas on canvas, computer and think of the future. I personally love graffiti ... I don't encourage or discourage. I know my son is not destructive and I trust him. I just want him to experience creativity at it's fullest, most intense moment of the process. Which is why I feel so excited when I see work of Matt Moore and how all of his talent has converged into this enormous, well-rounded career encompassing his graffiti past. You need to go to his news blog to see just how diverse he is.

Speaking of ... spray can art.

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