Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Victorian Shell Art

Victorian shell art by Peggy Green. These are marvelous shell art from Bill Jordan, Sailor's Valentines. Passing the Idle Hours - a little history about sailors making shell art. This beautiful Victorian shell collection, 1845-1928.

Gorgeous Big Vintage Seashell - Covered Wooden Cigar Display Box, She Sells Sea Shells on a Vintage Celluloid Chain, Vintage Lucite Bracelet and Seashell Earrings, Superb 19th C. French Carved Oak 22" Wall Benitier Holy Font, Sea Shell and Victorian Sea Shell Table Top Picture Frame from Ruby Lane.

Shell Chic: The Ultimate Guide to Decorating Your Home With Seashells.

Shell supplies, Sea Shell City - more shell resources, seashells on consignment.

These beautiful shell prints of were made using an XRAY machine by
George Green. and seashell architecture.

Bring a soothing calm feeling of the sea into your home or beach house from
D&S Design and mirrors.

Remarkable shells
here. Conchology - The Art and Science of Nature.


marlanec47 said...

Hello, was wondering if the cross that is pictured on your home page is for sale? My daughter is getting married in June and googled victorian shell art and found your website, saw the cross and would love to purchase it for her fiancee as his wedding gift. Please reply to:
Thank you!

baywatch6 said...

Hi...just now finding you question. The tall iron shell cross was sold. I do have other shorter ones if your interested. Please contact me at Thanks so much for taking a look. Peggy Green