Monday, November 14, 2005

Winter is coming

Winter is definitely near

Three Red Berries

Me and my Pica shadow

Me and my Pica Shadow

Poor, poor Pica

Poor Pica

Matt downloading

Matt download


la vie en rose said...

great pics! i love that first one!

phlegmfatale said...

oh - you gotta go to my blog - I finally posted those pictures of the hanging basket with the dove/dove eggs - soon I'll post the blooming cactus too, and other goodies from the garden. check it out. Pica is such a little fur dumpling. I wish I could see him!

Hanna said...

very beautiful pictures, doesn't show that winter is coming though - looks like beautiful autumn still over where you are! :-)

Linda said...

why do you say 'poor, poor Pica'?... is that Pica's sad face as opposed to his smiley face? Does Pica HAVE a smiley face? LOL