Sunday, June 17, 2007

Edmonds Art Festival

Edmonds Art Festival was this weekend, the usual -- rainy, cold weekend in Edmonds ... enjoying lots of great art in our backyard. I was slightly hungover this morning ... and almost didn't even go but the thought of seeing Judy Wise pushed me forward ;) and I was glad I did.

This is the piece that D wanted by Steve Harmston.

Wei Lang paintings, Blossoms in the Snow was the one that D and I loved.

I really loved these paintings by Jill Mayberg (her website is not up and running.

David Marty

Pendants by Evelyn Peckham Arvey were wonderful.

The Gourd Fairy.

9 Gatos mosiacs mirrors.

Affirmation Cuffs by Saucy Jewelry.

Guaridan Angels by Mary Ennes-Davis of Crow River Studio

Kathleen Otley

Diane Culhane

Valerie Willson

Leilani Jensen Jewelry

my mom

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Joelle said...

I'm jealous. All those artists! Too bad about the hangover. Hope it wasn't too bad. I hate when that happens. ;)