Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Bee's Tree

If I get home early enough, my neighbors, Rick and Laura, call out to me to visit them in their front yard for a glass of wine. (They always have a clean glass waiting for me). We relax in the setting sun, underneath this remarkably beautiful tree, a Japanese Snowbell. It is the sweetest smelling ... AND it is alive with visiting bees. You know how the bees are disappearing ... I kid Rick that all of the bees are at his house. Branches are literally alive with bees. The other night I tried taking a little video of the action ... I find this fascinating, exciting, I laugh out loud watching them. You can sit underneath a sweet smelling tree with an excellent glass of wine ... white petals falling on your shoulders from the extreme fanning of so many bee's wings ... look up and watch this "thing" happening ... bees, so many, you can't count them. So there is an extraordinary thing to report in my life this week. ;)

balancing act

bee tree

bee tree


the sweetest tree


Deborah said...

Such stunning pictures, as usual! In fact, I was thinking about you recently when I read an article in Dallas Magazine about the local Asian garden. Apparently it's a co-op where many immigrant families grow fruits and vegetables that they use in their native cooking. There were pictures of several interesting and unusual plants on white backgrounds. I found myself thinking, "Kim would have taken better photographs." Really... I wanted to see these amazing plants through YOUR eyes. I'll just keep looking at your flowers and bees instead.

madretz said...

Hurray for the bees!