Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Time To Read

I wish I had time to read all the great and wonderful stuff I find on the internet. (and now I go back to working ;)

Digital Photography School

Stock.XCHNG, the above two found via delightful Erin's blog Biscotti Togs.

Blurb - self publishing

Photoshop CS2 Killer Tips

Photoshop Cafe


Growing Flash Branches via Planet Photoshop.


wilsonian said...

I installed your "smells like vanilla" wallpaper on both my computer at home and at work today.

A banner day, I would say! :)

waltraut said...

Thanks for your Time to Read List. It is useful and interesting. Digital Photography School is just what I am looking for. It amazes me how you always dig out those goodies.
Have a nice day.