Saturday, June 30, 2007

7 Random Facts

So as you can tell from my massive hour post, I am cleaning out my "drafts", publishing some and deleting most. I have a couple of days off before me and I feel completely relaxed today. Not thinking I need to get everything done today and tomorrow and then work ... now thinking, I have one day or two to relax, play, clean, maybe even sunbathe!

Sydney over at Living Juicy has tagged me for 7 random facts ... one made up and you will need to guess which one. I am not feeling very creative right now so coming up with random facts that are interesting or things you don't already know about me ... so my list is a little boring.

1. I can sleep for a very, very long time -- if allowed to.
2. I need lots of time alone.
3. I love corn dogs with mustard and "frito pies" (the Texas coming out in me)
4. I would own 10 or more dogs if I could have them.
5. I love history programs
6. I watch all the reality tv shows
7. I have a hard time throwing anything away.

I am tagging Rita, Shash, Kate, s'mee, Dee, Vicci and Tara. I know yours will be much more entertaining than mine.


Andrea said...

My goodness you have been busy today!

I would guess that you don't actually watch all the reality shows.

Enjoy your few days off!

Kate I said...

I was torn between not being able to throw things away, and watching all the reality shows...but I think I'll say that you don't really watch all the reality shows

Now I have to think up some interesting things about me...I wonder why it is that we all think our own lives aren't very interesting and exciting?

Have a great weekend Kim!

dee said...

I'm going with the reality shows. Everything else sounds like I think you are(does that make semse??) Enjoy some down time. I'll so mine tomorrow

dee said...

No, it doesn't make semse-but it does make sense. Gaaaad-proof reading-a lost concept

Cassi said...

Geez, I could have made that list up for myself! Especially the corn dogs with mustard and Frito pies ;) I'm gonna go with the reality TV shows too so do tell.

Syd said...

#6 is my guess. Thanks Kim! I love Frito pie too. Mmm mmm.

s'mee said...

Ahhh Kim! I just walked in and am going through some blogs...(#5 was in the e.r. on Sunday so we went to go pick her up...)so I thank you for the invite and will get this going soon!

and if you watch all the reality shows I am a size 3.

phlegmfatale said...

Frito pies totally rock!

I'll do my list of 7 sometime in the next few days. hmmm... what to print? What to conceal???