Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Little League Dad

My creative director, great dad, husband to the most beautiful wife, is the master of iMovie and iPhoto. A few years ago he created an iMovie for his parents' anniversary, with fades, old 8mm flickering, 'sweetheart' photos his parents, great music. It was perfect and I cried while watching it.

He has been knee-deep making cool memorabilia for Little League parents. Being a Little League parent of
three boys, he is the designated media dad for his league. The league's website is fun, full of game reports submitted by different parents. He has a flickr acct for the teams, he can download pictures, have them up for viewing before the parents get the kids ready for bed. For QALL year 2005, he made an iPhoto book season memento. Understated elegance, perfect for parents to keep forever. He used iPhoto from iLife 5 and says it is really easy to make, each book under $20.00. For all you future Little Leaguer parents, keep this in mind. A great idea!

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Liquid Sky Arts said...

I Loooove, iphoto and imovie they are the best mac software. So easy to make movies with special effects, it always makes me wish I had a digital video recorder...not just my stills camera with the quicktime feature! It really is a genius program...that's how I created "hugh dancing" among others! I've been wanting to try the iphoto book feature, that looks wonderful too.