Saturday, June 11, 2005

Big Pink Maternity Underwear

I have been doodling art for a maternity story. This is one of my doodles, remembering back how big the boobs and nipples get, preparing to be a target. I don't think you can see the target at the end of them. This is what I looked like back then in my big pink maternity underwear.


Anonymous said...

These are great! Loved all the round bits during pregnancy. I hold onto the memory the only time men wolf wistled was during my breast feeding era :) Otherwise I'm very non curvascious! Of course whatever was left is now like sagging dough. Hheeeehe.

Kim Carney said...

Well, mine are not perky like the illustration, you know we can have artistic license when it is your art! ;)

lan-chi said...

These are great!
another problem I have been running into is the pants above or below the belly dilemma.

mens mesh underwear said...

youre really talented! I used to design maternity underwear too. I love your doodles. Now i design men's underwear. Maybe we can work on something together!


mens thong underwear said...

These are really great and I love your work. I am in the process of designing maternity t-shirt and underwear.