Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Found Tonight

Saw these beautiful prints and paintings by Nick Butler via Katy at the The K Bear.

Exhibition history from The 14th Moon, Manifesto Gallery and Galeris Centennial, click on each link a different arist will be revealed. Nice stuff. Found via Kraf-o-la.

Billy Keaggy documenting his 30th year,
day by day. Great project!

A fellow Seattle artist, Dawn Bustanoby and her website -
Play A Pixie.

Isn't it weird to think soldiers in the war are blogging! Can you imagine if soldiers were able to blog during WWII, what information we could gain, what history would be recorded! It is amazing.
Who's your Baghdaddy? And his photos.

If I had time I might take them up on this
project 105.

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connie said...

just a note to say, i found your blog inspiring and very interesting...love the pictures.Enjoyed it very much. I found you by doing a search for Art...