Thursday, June 09, 2005

Nature Source Of Beauty

I might have mentioned some of these artist before (or maybe you have), but I went on a nature walk today via my computer. How inspiring. Makes me want to gather some leaves,twigs and shells and make a pattern.

Heather Barnett, The Living Room, 2001 and her Cellular Wallpapers, 2000 - custom printed Digital Wallpaper® designs derived from human cellular microscopy. Very disturbing or very cool.

Mussel shells, incoming tide by Gloria Lamson.

Worth reading: The desire to act beautifully - Forget Your Botany

Chris Booth's Big Boulders as art and Pumice from the Mountains as mountains.

Chris Drury's Mushroom Wheel (wish I could see more of it)

Ingrid Koivukangas - Environmental Artist, Willow River and Birchberry

Thinking boxes by Anne Katrin

Sand dollars by Diana Lynn Thompson, Writing poetry on leaves and Gesture: Momentary installations made between the tides on the beaches of Vancouver, Victoria, and Saltspring Island

So simple, so beautiful. Noble-Fir-Crystals ( found in the Tomographics): Slices of dead Noble-Fir at Fawn-Lake, Mt.St.Helens, WA, by Urs-P. Twellman and much more natural beauty on his site. The image below is the property of


Camilla Engman said...

Thank you for all the great links.

Cin said...

wonderful links, beautiful images, especially like the last one.

Anonymous said...

Love the big boulders and the bed with the vines, etc.

Tara said...

Love these links, thank you for sharing. I loved the cellular wallpaper concept, and especially the Thinking Boxes. What a great concept. I'll have to "think" more about those myself.

Liquid Sky Arts said...

I love all of these nature based art!
The spirals remind me of Robert Smithson's "jetty" sculpture from 1970.

jenny vorwaller said...

*wow* nature is so inspiring! thanks for the links!

Kim Carney said...

Thanks everyone. I was so blown away by those simple branches arranged to make snowflakes. How wonderful!