Thursday, November 04, 2010

5,000 emails lighter

So I have been completely stressing out cleaning up one of my email addresses. Deleted 1,000's of mail in the inbox. With all the job search alerts that come in every day. Emails I had sent myself in the past. Emails I forwarded myself from work the day I left cleaning out work email. I guess this could be a blanket apology for any emails I never answered or saw. I found many of those that simple got lost. Forgive me!

I can tell my life rather changed in 2006. That is when trying to answer email and deleting email rather came to a close. And considering the stress I was under, not to mention depression, it is no wonder. But it is strange to see emails from 4 or 5 years ago and it seems like yesterday. I think about it now, just keeping up with blogging and work ... email became the less priority. Why does it stress me out to delete email? Something I might need later? Afraid to delete an address? Email Hoarder! That has got to be the answer! ;)

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Mom and I had the 8 band Puzzle Ring back in the day. Someone stole them. I still have my grandmother's 4 band. My dad had the diamond 8 band. Have no idea where that is now. He bought them for us when he worked in Libya.


Lauren Bordelon said...

I just quit a long-term professional job to move out of state with my husband. I'm not sure why, but I keep all of my agendas from years past in case I need dates or names or numbers. It was so hard for me to toss those agendas during my last week at work, even though I'm not working there anymore and not even in the same state!

I tossed them, but I kinda miss them.

manvi @ mochatini said...

oh I know exactly how you feel. My gmail is almost out out of space. i didnt think that was even possible. i have biz cards everywhere = keep telling myself that i will be more organized once i have my workspce organized.
Thanks for keeping the link alive to mochatini.