Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Shiny objects getting in my way

My eyes popped open at 5a. Worried about the outcome of Election Night. Now I know, with good reason. I really don't know where Washington State voters think the money is coming from to run this state. After repealing the candy tax and defeating the income tax initiative and Tim Eyman's 2/3 Tax Initiative (that did California a lot of good? right?). I see many closures and cuts in our states' future. I am so sick of Obama getting all the grief and blame for this freaking economic collapse which did not start ON his watch ... it started before he walked into office.

I filled out a couple of job applications and ended up on Yellow Pages looking for a phone number. There I found a new look for Yellow Pages, full of local information. Especially local events, where I started clicking around. They have done a really good job on their redesign. It is interesting and full of information.

Which lead me on my shiny object internet chase. My mind is so full right now that is hard for me to concentrate, hence, surfing feels good.

I love Jhenna Quinn Lewis's bird paintings.

Loving Domesticated series by Amy Stein and her blog where I discovered Firefly watch. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss fireflies? Via Stash Studios

I love Lobster and Swan blog.

Elaine Hanowell, Seattle’s renowned creator of lighted fish, presents a new school of aquatic chandeliers and standing box lanterns with hand-carved accents.

Envelopments blog (a new shining object).

Accidental Mysteries blog and site Time tales, wonderful. A Life in Pictures and A Letter From The Vanishing World (The Readers) at Square America.

Tina Roths' Creative Mornings and listening to this interview. Should I submit my calendar foul-up on Mistake Reports?

Okay, off to do real work now. Ring designs need to be sent off, house cleaning and arborist coming for free estimate.

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Maxinetoo said...

Holy cow ... there's a lot of RED out there!