Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good day

I spend much of my waking hours in front of this computer screen. Creating things I see in my head. My mom doesn't understand this ... she thinks I am 'surfing the internet'. I explain that if I were at work somewhere, I would be sitting on front of a computer for 8+ hours a day. (editing and adding now) So it was great to drive around with purpose yesterday and today. See trees changing, leaves falling, people moving from A to B, street people, walked through downtown Macy's and purchased some socks. Driving home on familiar roads, peeking into people's windows and garages - thinking my garage looks as packed and unorganized as theirs! ;) It felt good to be a part of the world for moment.

I am not lonely being at home. I am not desperate (yet). I flip in and out of despair, giddiness, anger, hopefulness, thinking I am too old to be hired or too young and energetic to be dismissed. Hunger for greatness, a job, make my ideas into reality, a paycheck?

Some of my day was talking my son down for being depressed about not doing well in one of his classes while he works a full-time job and attends school. I told him that this was first semester and he is learning about school/courses, time management and what he wants to do. It will all work out and try to enjoy himself and the learning process. He takes it a little too seriously. I am trying to encourage him to enjoy the moment of being in school. Maybe not work so many hours. Unfortunately, he is the sum of his dad and myself. He will have to figure all of this out for himself. Serious. Hard-working. Ernest. Taking it all to heart. Oh, to be young and have a 50-year-olds knowledge. ;)

I haven't really made an effort to clean house, iron clothes or even put up my clothes in a couple of months. That all changed the last couple of days. I started to clean. I ironed clothes. Even thought, if necessary, I could take in ironing. I love ironing and I paid someone to iron my clothes in the last year. It is an honest living. I could do that too. I have worked some pretty questionable jobs in my life and nothing is really beneath me.

But I am getting off the point. Today, I had a great day. Of interviewing with another recruiter (God, I wanted to work there because the interior space/decorating was so fabulous!), meeting with potential freelance opportunity from a former colleague and running into a dear, former art director (by chance) at a coffee shop in Pioneer Square.

Hearing that someone I love and worked almost 20+ years ago at the Dallas Times Herald, just moved to Seattle and has a new gig with Amazon. Can't wait to see him and his partner in person.

The air is crisp and clean tonight. Life feels grand, full of promise. I passed so many art galleries today in Pioneer Square while looking for parking, I am determined to go back this week, walk around and take in some art. Also, hooked up with my delightful former art director on IM tonight. I miss her and it was great catching up, if only for a minute.

I am having my rings (new venture) cut as we speak. And my new sculpture project is almost ready for the laser cutters too. Pulling together logos/branding, website ideas, business plans. Also worked on a smaller version of the calendar I was soooo wanted to print last year. Talked to the printer and taking it there tomorrow. My friend Maggy has encouraged me to push on with my calendar and I am determined to get it printed. Thank you, Maggy!

So, I had a good day! Even if my brains feel like scrambled eggs with so much going on in there. ;) I hope you had a great day too!


Peruby said...

Are you selling copies of that calendar or is it only for your personal use. It is lovely!

Maggy said...

Kim, glad to hear that you had such a productive day! And -- VERY glad to hear that you're planning on printing that gorgeous calendar of yours, because I WANT SEVERAL! :- )

Keeping my fingers crossed on your meetings and interviews. DO go back down and peruse all those galleries; it'll be a jolt of inspiration.

Have a great day!

LindaSonia said...

Calendar looks fab. Hope you produce it for us to purchase. Can't wait to see those rings.

Wishing you whatever your heart desires.

wendy said...

Kim, I loved this post. Please let us know about the calendar. Great for gift giving....beautiful, creative and useful.

Kim Carney said...

Thank you guys! For the encouragement. Checking, double checking, triple checking before I head off to the printers.

Maxinetoo said...

So glad you had a good day. Keep me posted about the calendar ... you know I want one. :) xoxo

kim said...

I think this is a calendar people would buy. It's beautiful. I'd show it to my mom, but I'd rather surprise her with one as a gift.

Angela said...

Absolutely love the calendar! I would love to get a blown up print of one of your flower pictures! I can never quite get my photos to look as good as yours! I'm always inspired and a little jealous. :)

Kim Carney said...

you guys are sooo sweet! I am running to printers tomorrow, so will post any info.

Angela ;) that is such a compliment. white bg, one subject, that is really all I can do. And many takes for one good shot ;)

Elana said...

This would make a fabulous gift, it's so beautiful and inspiring. Kim, take heart in your own ability to create things like this!