Sunday, November 28, 2010

Out of the news loop

Just talked to a friend in London that informed me about the weather in the other parts of the world - coldest November night on record in parts of UK. And I wasn't aware of that! I hate to admit this, but I try not to watch too much news anymore. For 20+ years I have been so connected to the (bad) news that it invaded every molecule of my soul. I would get so angry at my friends at the beginning of the economic downturn that didn't even know we were headed into 'the great recession'. I would think to myself "how can they not know this". I now I know. They choose not to know. I am not sure if that is bad or good, but I can tell you I don't feel so depressed about the world as I did 5 months ago. (Although I am keeping my eye on N. Korea, I am not that far out of the news cycle).

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