Saturday, July 04, 2015

My mom

Two weeks has not eased the pain. Hard to write these words. My mom passed away on June 18, here in her home surrounded by love. My mom loved Édith Piaf, Joy perfume, reading a newspaper from cover to cover, traveling, horse racing but especially she loved dressing fabulously from her Goodwill finds (in that one aspect, I was a great disappointment to her). She was a "Thrift Shop Fashionista" way before it was hip. If one charm on a necklace was good, then 10 was great. The bigger, the blingier, the better. The most fun I could have was buying her jewelry and seeing her face light up when she opened the gift. Her repeated message to me about my looks was "just comb your hair and use some product". 

More than anything she loved to feed and take care of everyone. She would coolly cook Thanksgiving dinner for 30 people dressed in her best and still look fabulous and unmussed when dinner was served. Mom wasn't just about glamorous dining though. She was just as comfortable cooking from a chuck wagon in her overalls. We will no longer get to savor her asparagus soup, Chiles Rellenos, grits (my comfort food), chili (the real Texas kind), red beans and cornbread. I was lucky to have eaten food from the best cook I have ever known. 

She loved taking care of us, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping with her coupons, laundry ... all of that and more. I could not have done most of the things I did the last 15 years without her help and support. I will always be grateful for that! 

Her life was not without trouble and some despair, but she was not one to dwell on bad times. She would much rather move forward with her "Pollyanna" outlook of cheer. 

Thank you, to all of my family and friends for remembering my mom in such wonderful ways. I would read remarks when I posted photos on the blog or Flickr or Facebook, and it always tickled and astounded her. She loved my blog. She will be so very missed. 

Beautiful Sunday  -- 08.06


Shelley Noble said...

What a woman! What a marvelous life so well lived! This was a loving tribute to her and I'm sure we all wish you comfort and sympathy in these moments of loss.

Long time readers of your blog with, I'm sure, recognize a lot of your mom's best qualities in you, the joie de vive, the eye for style, the warm giving heart.

How nice you both could spend so much time together these last few years, and that she could get to know her grandchild as well.

"... what we have enjoyed, we can never lose ... all that we love deeply becomes a part of us." ~Helen Keller

s'mee said...

My heart aches with you.
I didn't know your mom save it was through your writing of her, and I am ever jealous of such a mother! To hear you reflect on the blessing of her in your life is wonderful. Continue to write of her as often as brings you joy and comfort; or when you need to spend some angst, it's all good.
Take your time with her each day. I'm pretty sure she is the first thing you think of as you open your eyes to a new day, all through the day as you see her in objects, actions, flavours (or the lack thereof), and the subtle nuances she left in the gene pool around you. She is the last thing you go over as you lay your head to pillow at night, some nights lingering on those thoughts for hours before sleep finally comes. It's o.k. Hug her memories tightly, water them with your tears, and allow them to grow in the full light of your love as you share them often.
I think of it as a vacation that I wasn't allowed to go on, but she was. She is doing well, continuing to learn and grow, enjoying all that the universe has to offer, no pain, only love and joy and her memories... and no tipping!
I truly truly believe she lives just out of your natural eyesight. It is only a matter of relative time before she and you will see each other again. It's called "mean time" for a reason, but she, you, I, and everyone who was or ever will be born on this earth will be resurrected into a glorified body perfect as it ever was, only, well, perfect!
Have faith, have hope, throw a breakable at the cement wall when things get too heavy, then steel your hope again. She lives! And your love will keep her close until you see her again.
Hugs and so much love to you my friend.

ELFI said...

sincères condoléances ... que dire, quand la maman nous quitte ..c'est un peu de nous qui se perd dans l'univers... courage

LindaSonia Anyname said...

Oh Kimmy... so very sorry to hear of your Mom's passing. She was adorable from what I knew of her on your blog and you two seemed to have such a wonderful relationship. I was so envious.

She will always be with you in spirit and only ever a thought away.

Thinking of you and wishing you strength and sending you a bushel of hugs.

Love to you, LindaSonia

Joanne S said...

What a delight your mom was (is), as I always enjoyed seeing pictures of her on the blog.
Now I know her perfume, music and Goodwill fashion sense.
That first month or so after my dad moved on to a better place (pain free), I talked to him often.
I would have something I had forgotten to tell him--and then I would just start talking--making sure I was alone (LOL)

He sent me replies. A thank you card in the pocket of one of his coats while cleaning out the closet. No other
cards in the house. Just that one that said exactly what I needed.

Wear one piece of mom's jewelry. Something you can touch when things seem too hard.

Judy Martin said...

I am moved to write a comment so that you can know how much you have touched my heart this morning. First of all, I am very sorry to hear that you mother has passed, because I can tell how much you will miss her. Second of all, I admire you for giving so much of your precious time to just be with her, and advocate for her over the last months. That kind of real caring for family is one of the things some women can do, because it needs to be done. Not everyone is able to or can do it - but you were there for your mother and the memories of the bad things that happened recently will fade. They have already. But the knowledge that you did your very best will not go away, and that knowledge will hold you up through the future.
Third of all - biggest hug. xoxo

Glenn said...

I am sorry for your loss. We never get "over" these things, but we get around them. And we continue. Just like your mother is continuing, in a different realm, but as real as this one.

Kara Deschler said...

So sorry. Thank you for sharing your mother with us here on your blog. Hugs to you and yours.

Louisette said...

So sorry to loss a mother, we have always one mother,sincéres condoléances!

David Moreland said...

What a great woman and friend. I have so many memories of her and all the grand times we spent together. She was a blast!!!!