Friday, August 07, 2015

Thank you!

It is taking me some to get back on feet after the last couple of months. Thank you so very much for your sympathy, love and good wishes. It means to the world to me. Sometimes I feel it just happened to someone else and I was just looking on.


s'mee said...

I wish I had a better answer than I do, but, I don't. All I know is that it hurts like nothing ever before and that no, it doesn't get better, but perhaps, it gets easier to recover from the piercing pain that comes unexpectedly from time to time. I don't cry all day long, but I do cry almost every day, still. I guess that's o.k. I hope that recovering comes easier for you too dear imaginary friend, I am sad with you, and hope that somehow your mom and my daughter meet and just shake their heads when they speak of our sorrow. I *do* believe all the heaven stuff I've been taught, truly, but it sure is hard while I wait for my turn.

Take care. Know we love hearing about your mom, her things, your memories of her, and even the angst. Hugs and Hugs.

Kim Carney said...

Dearest friend, I hope they meet and talk of us. Thank you for all your comforting words of wisdom. I love reading your words, it feels like someone hugging me and patting my head! xoxo