Sunday, August 16, 2015

Baby steps

When I do one small thing, it feels huge. I keep thinking "take baby steps" and enjoy some results. D has been off for two weeks. He has whacked back the mock orange that took over before I knew it. Cut back the clematis that was had covered the window (right here at my computer) and was heading to the roof. I rather liked the coverage, I thought it kept the heat out of the family room ... but probably best it does not grow more. It is looking pretty stressed, but they always say clematis can take the hard prune.

Today, I transplanted a couple of plants I bought in pots AND in the garden. The reason this feels so monumental is because the last 5 times I brought potted plants home, I let them die on the porch. Completely put off with me, I quit buying plants, until the other day I had to have a couple of new mints. I also replanted a couple that were root bound in their pots, in particular, my favorite pasque flower (did not bloom this year). But the biggest accomplishment was cleaning out the bird bath. I have looked at that dirty bird bath for maybe a year (or more?), feeling pretty disgusted with myself. We no more filled it with water, than a couple of chickadees came to visit. Feels good. Trimmed a few more things and then gave up for the day and enjoyed my small accomplishments. D and I have decided we must cut down all the grapes that give a good privacy between neighbors. But the arbor has collapsed and morning glories have taken over.

Mason, Bri and Matt are presently in the backyard, enjoying a freshly de-pooped and mowed green yard. Kicking balls and repeating the word over and over. The baby pool that had become a mesquito breeding ground, empty and gone. I think it is not going to be warm enough, long enough to have many more "pool days".

The big American sweetgum, has taken over the corner of the yard. The shade is so delicious but it also caused a micro-climate and many of the plants that once thrived, now don't. Like my peonies. I think that if the continuing PNW heatwaves continues from year to year, we will be glad for that shade tree.

Japanese anemones (one of the plants I let die was a white Japanese anemone ... shame on me),  hydrangeas, clematis and honeysuckle, create a sweet but crowded entry to our "secret garden". Hydrangeas are really feeling the heat. Grapes and honeysuckle has collided in mid-air but D took care of that. (I actually like it, when they create a natural arbor).

All in all, a good day! Baby steps!


s'mee said...

Living here, literally 1/2 mile from the dry underground Mojave River, where yesterday we had triple digits in this drought stricken land, I cannot imagine how lovely it would be to have such lush bushes, full of hydrangeas, full thick grass -cool on a bare foot, a bird bath that could keep water for more than 4 hours (and not steam cook the little darlings), or any such plant that could manage to grow up and over the roof of our house!

I can still remember in my mind the scent of heavy flowers in the misty ocean side air, the feel of wet socks from walking on the dewy grass in the morning, and seeing the occasional worm on a sidewalk or caterpillar on a leaf...but that was years and years ago! So thank you for showing the garden and allowing me to dream of what it would be like to have to schedule time to tend it.

sigh. : )

Kim Carney said...

That sounds so parched! The idea of steaming the little birds in the bird bath was a little cartoon that happened in my head. ;) Yes, and big happy worms! I do feel lucky to have the wet grass and cool breeze. I was thinking the other day. In Texas when it is 90, the wind is hot and 90, when we are 90 here, the breeze is still cool and lovely! Sweet memories! Do you guys even have worms in that hot earth? Never thought about that!

Glenn said...

Keep it up. Keep busy. Every day will get a little easier.

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