Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Self-Portrait Challenge - 02.27

I am living in "the little house of horrors" for Self-Portrait Tuesday

November roof leak, and subsequent removal and installation of a new wall.

The vacuum keeps coming to and from Sears repair, the furnace had problems (now fixed). I also got a new programmable thermstat. How did I live without that before?

I have not cleaned up the backyard since the big windstorm. Tree trimming crew here yesterday, but have a maple in trouble, so more pruning in store. I have been trying my best to prune the hydrangeas and find that is a very painful procedure.

Pull string on the blinds in the master bedroom has broken so many times, the cost of repairing them would have purchased a new set of blinds. The last time one broke, back in October, I left it thinking we would eventually order new ones. Which we finally did last month. And that wasn't cheap ;(

The french doors we installed more than 10 years ago have been rotting the last couple of years. I have been worried and finally ordered a new, water-resistant one. Of course, that is a "custom" size. Today was the "anticipated installation day", but with the removal of said rotten door, we found problems on the sub-flooring which led to a frantic phone call to my contractor begging him to rush over and take a peek before installation. The conclusion was to let the wood dry out for a couple of days, cover the gapping hole and let Rick (my trusted contractor) come do his magic later.

All of this does not include the running list in my head of other maintenance items that need to be done. In short, homeowning = poverty.


melba said...

I FEEL for you. I am there right with you. (unfortunately, as our roof needs to be replaced. soon!)

I don't like owning a home.
OK It does have benefits.
But being your own landlord sucks.

Kim Carney said...

Thank you Melba ... I feel for YOU. I do love my home, and I hate to say bad things about it, because it has been good to me. But sometimes ;( I feel like I live in THE MONEY PIT ')

stuffed said...

I feel your pain! I'm there, too. Except I'm preparing for sale. Good luck.

Jamie said...

Ouch! Having a house is wonderful, except when it's not. I hope it's back to wonderful soon.

chronicler said...

Oh my. How very challenging. Just think when you get done with all these projects the place will be great! Good luck with the board, I am sure you'll find a way to dress it up.

s'mee said...

Yikes and egads! I am sending all my good vibes, dry inducing thoughts, and hopes for a terrific new look when it's all done.

Oh, and a good hit at the lottery this week for when the bills come in.

Biceps brachii said...

Surfed in by accident.
Like the photos and blog in general. ;)

Greets from Macedonia (Europe)!

Amy said...

Homeownership woes. Bah. Thank goodness it's not always constantly crappy. Hopefully with Spring rolling in your house will start behaving itself!

Tammy said...

YIKES! I really thought the hammer to the head was a great shot and too funny! I just painted a few walls that same green...love it! Money pit indeed!

Judy said...

My wish for u is to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.Your house looks very nice.And as with beautiful women, with age comes the upkeep.

Function Venues Melbourne said...

lol great portrait. Can see the frustration that comes from being a homeowner. Fingers crossed it has all been repaired and is good to go.