Tuesday, February 20, 2007


In front of a blazing fire mom read an excerpt from columnist Art Buchwald's book "The Last Laugh" in Reader' Digest. Poingnant, funny. A must read.

Then later, we laughed and laughed when I was going through these wonderful postcards design by Laura Crookston that Jill sent me. I had a couple of favorites that have to go on the wall, "I dreamed my whole house was clean", "She liked imaginery men best of all". They are now on my wall of inspiration.

And last month my inspiration wall filled with treats from Shash and a card from Erica when she sent me a beautiful pillow that her mom had made. Thank you Erica!


traveller one said...

I saw these cards last week in Vienna and stood there laughing all by myself. They're delightful!

jill said...

Oh my gosh, that's so cool that you enjoyed the cards enough to hang them. I sensed your humor would appreciate the irony of some of them. They look really neat dangling on your wire like that. I love that idea.

ps... I'm headed back to the shop where the spool/box things are, and I'll check more into them to give you info. I love your idea of an entire wall length'd project. COOL to say the least!