Monday, February 26, 2007

Out West

Really want to buy carved wood deer heads for D for his birthday. Or any of the exqusite things I found in the following websites.

Oh, yeah, my kind of stuff, just not my kind of prices at Cowhide Western Furniture Co. Life-Size Fallow Deer Bronze With Real Antlers or Hand-carved stags.

John Gallis Furniture, The Arrangement - The Best of the New West Home Interiors, Cowboy Living, Ritual Decor, Anteks Homes. Old sage from Legacy Gallery. Tepee nightstand and other wonderful furniture at Pendelton homes.

If you buy those sofas you must wear clothes from DD Ranch Wear or Montana Dream Wear or here and have at least one pair of these from Back at the Ranch boots and have one of these on your wrist! I would really like to be carrying one of these on my shoulder.

All of these links come from the most wonderful Cowboys & Indians Magazine and they have some great links here.

American Nature Book 2 by Celeste Sotola and Cowboy Pop. Jewelry by Designs by Kara and Julio Pagliani.

Western Vintage Posters or a buy them on a cd? And the cutest vintage Cowboy & Indian Cake Topper Candle Holders


s'mee said...

Just wanted to say that I have enjoyed your links lately...very fun and inspriring.

What I wouldn't give to have your creativity, imagination, brain!

Helen said...

I found a great place for western decor and gifts. I have been looking for some great western ideas and has a nice selection!