Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010 Year in Review

2010 Year in Review - The Good, The Bad Art and the Ugly Unemployed? This year has had its' highs and lows. I have to go back to even remember what I did, where and with whom. And if you know me, you know I love my blog. I love finding new (to me) and talented artist, ways to recycle, recycled art, quilts. And I love going back and looking at all the treasure I have found, the flowers I have photographed and friends I have made. All and all, it was a good year.

Finding the alyssum seed pod and shooting it!

Trying to make Rock on alphabet

Margaret Dorfman vegetable bowls

Had a great mini-vacation with my friends and family in Seattle and the snow

Discovering Krislyn Komarov and her blog

Lovely visual messages by Ethan Park

Publishing my book of flowers!

Always enjoying The Flower Show

Susan Lenart Kazmer class at ArtFest

Finding more amazing chandeliers

Trying to accept I am getting older with humor

Finding Anne Siems

Ruth Rae's poetry scarves

Fossil Garments by Diane Savona

Sculptures by John Geldersma

Dispatchwork, repairing and rebuilding the old - one Lego at a time

I finally went gray

David and Matt went to New York for Essentially Ellington

Finding Russian graphic designer, Tatiana Plakhova

Prom night

Matt's last Big Band Dance

Matt graduated

Voewood revisited, receiving a surprise email from Amanda about those amazing butterfly curtains! This was such a pleasant surprise!

When the peonies bloom!

Elana painting up a storm

And we can't forget the Vuvuzela

Beautiful rings by Corinne Hamak

David packed up the car and we took a road trip with the kids

Mom and I addicted to Midsomer Murders

Falling in love with Old Spice

Discovering the Sumi Ink Club is a Los Angeles-based drawing collective founded in 2005 by Sarah Anderson and Luke Fischbeck.

Becoming unemployed

Taking time to smell the macro flowers

Watching Duane Hoffman flourish

Submitting desktop wallpaper to Smashing magazine

Robin photographs Obama!

Ruth, Mom and I take a road trip to Idaho

Fell in love with Mariah Hourihan work

Finding great stuff at the thrift store

Loving Kathleen Pate recycled glass jewelry

My aunt and uncle visit and we sent them home with the flu.

Having the Dahlias bloom late

A month full of taking online classes, a time for rediscovery, trying not to panic

My Esty store, artist having fun, finally live

Wrapping up my Tendril font

Having my calendar printed, plus lots of applying for jobs, etc.

Book cover illustration by Kim Carney ;)

An early snow for Thanksgiving

Watching Broadwalk Empire

Featured on The Food Network blog via They Draw & Cook. Thank you, Nate and Salli.

Almost witnessed a lunar eclipse

David wrapped up his new 5-CD Christmas music set.

I started a new blog, Something from my Studio, a place to talk about my upcoming projects.


Shelley Noble said...

Kim, I have to tell you, in all seriousness, and with a buttload of genuine affection, you are an incredible artist and inspiration to me personally. Almost everything cool I enjoy comes directly from your educated stylish eye and note here.

May this new year bring you everything you can want and more. You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

So wonderful to see what you have ben up to Kim!
I had a look at your new blog and adored you calender.... just fabulous... May your 2011 be packed with delight and good things for you!