Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where I found peace

It is completely dark at 7:15a! I have been up since 3:30am. Wandering through Pinterest and discovered new and wonderful sites and stuff ... The windstorm predicted last night has just hit. Our very large Sweet Gum tree is really rolling in the wind. Sometimes I am afraid that tree will fall on the house but the tree specialist assured me it is deeply rooted. Reading this description these are definitely the drawbacks of this tree:

  • The wood is brittle and the tree drops branches easily in storms.
  • The spiked "gumballs" can be unpleasant to walk on (in fact in California they are known as "ankle biters" or "ankle twisters"), and their profusion can leave a lawn lumpy, since the fruit do not decay well, unless removed.
  • Branches may have ridges or "wings" that cause more surface area, increasing weight of snow and ice accumulation on the tree.

Grass at the home of Grassland showcasing this grass lamp by Grassland at rooms where I also found Hindsvik's Etsy and their blog.

Magnificent home in the San Juan Islands, wow!

Loving this blog, 16 house - a scrapbook of inspiring things. Where I found this Concrete sofa! Wouldn't that be terrific in the backyard? Perfectly suited for a place that is always raining. Just thinkin'.

Also found this incredible lamp there by designer, Sylvia Marius.

And finally, this beautiful book by Romina Bacci NATURAL HISTORY, a photographic study of natural elements. And her inspiring blog.

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