Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tree treasures

Through the generosity of friends and family (and of course, David), we have quite a collection of Christmas ornaments. Unwrapping each one, remembering who gave it to us and what the significance of the gift was. What was going on that year for that particular ornament. Like, the year we turned over in the canoe and lost our camera equipment, D gave me a little yellow life vest and canoe. We have lots of fishing Santas, fishing bears, cowboys, cowgirls and Indians. Chaps, boots, saddles, moccasins. SpongeBob, Rug Rats, Batman driving and climbing up the tree for when Matt was young. Trombone and baseballs, bats and such for older years. They are a timeline of our lives. The camping mice for when we all camped out often. I love them all. Shelley has sent me some stunning handmade ornaments over the years. 

Saw this The Star-Spangled Tree on  BHG the other day. I made tons of these the year of 9/11 using painted paper bags. It just seemed the thing to do.

This sleeping puppy the year Santa brought us Pica.

The most precious are Matt-made.

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Maxinetoo said...

What a special tree you have!