Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Loony for birds

Our cable box was on the blink so we watched The Life of Birds. Got totally sucked in and while D was packing for a trip to Kansas to see his family ... we watched and listened. D had a collection of carved ducks when we were married and we have continued to add to it. While watching, we decided we would really like a Great Northern Diver or Loon someday. These decoys (especially vintage) can be very expensive. Decoys can fetch big money. Here is our little collection below.

Wooden duck collections

Rick Brown has created some exceptionally beautiful decoys. This great blog about bird watching - Two-fisted birdwatcher. Birds of Africa is a different take on the carved bird. Wooden Waterfowl Decoys has some nice vintage decoys for sale. As does Antique Decoys.

A nice written piece by T. Thompson Bosworth on Enoch Reindahl, a well known decoy carver. He couldn't imagine why people would pay so much for the decoys. "He told me during the 1970s that other collectors had recently made offers for his goose decoys. He said that he had refused, slowly shook his head in wonder and commented that "it must be some kind of sickness" that made them willing to pay so much." After reading this, I could see him in his kitchen, drinking coffee and would have loved to have met him!

Birds under glass, weird, but I could have one in my home.

Jewells 'n Wood, Loon and stamp, hand-carved Loon.

This is the most amazing video from The Life of Birds!


Balwearie said...

Loving the camera noises!

Kim Carney said...

Isn't that incredible?