Friday, December 17, 2010

Making a Difference

One of my favorite things about my previous job was doing anything that involved with Making a Difference. This story exemplifies why. Leaving a legacy of happiness in LeRoy.

Deleting my whiny entry concerning my unemployment. I was having a weak moment. ;)


Shelley Noble said...

It's so hard to feel at peace when things are so up in the air.

I'm hoping your future income will come to you gracefully and easily (and perhaps not even involve a long early morning commute!)

Kim Carney said...

YES, I feel the sun on my face right now. and it feels full of promise ;)

Terry said...

There are so many of us wondering what we did wrong. We planned a great retirement and half of what we saved has vanished. You have to grieve for the unfairness. We followed the rules and worked smart. But after a suitable grieving period you have to find what you DIDN'T lose and celebrate that. I hope the new year is good for you. We are all in flux and maybe--just maybe--there is something good to come out of the mess.

Kim Carney said...

Terry! I think I must be in the grieving stage, which by now, I thought I would have all ready experienced. I know this a brand new page and we can create anything I want on it!

You are so right. I hate to whine because I do know there are so many in the same boat out there, I see and meet them. I think I was wondering that out loud for all of us.

Erin Wilson said...

I'm sorry that this situation is making you doubt yourself, because from here your skills and talent shine like a beacon!

I know that you were just venting a little. I've collected a lot of resources since going freelance. I'd be happy to share if you're ever interested.

ps. I don't think I ever said, but you're totally rocking that avatar!

Kim Carney said...

Erin! You are the sweetest! Thank you!