Monday, December 27, 2010

Hanging Hearts

I took down the branches from the ceiling! Yes. It was time. Spider webs and dirt.

I put my metal cutting Dremel tool accessories to good use today. My S-I-L gave me these wonderful tarnished silver hearts and I decided to hang them in the dining room. I cut some of my vintage, tarnished forks, fashioned a hook and used them for the hanging device. Thank you, Kate, we love them!!!!

hanging  hearts

hanging  hearts

hanging  hearts

Hung my new Native American hand-carved fish that Santa brought me for the "wall-o-fish".

new Fish (cedar carving) from Santa

Going to the mountains and snow tomorrow. I received a rejection email from a job I applied for over a month ago. But, hey, at least they had the courtesy to email me back. So I am not complaining. Also trying to put away the mounds of tissue paper, recycling ribbon. Thinking of opening up a "gift wrapping center" so I can get paid and use all the gift wrapping stuff I have stored away in boxes. ;)

I started redesigning this Something blog before Christmas but decided to just start a second one, Something from my studio, to talk about my art, art projects and products I am working on. Stay tuned!


Maxinetoo said...

Looks great Kim! However, I will mourn the loss of the branches. :)

Kim Carney said...

Oh, me too! But if you could have seen how dry and dirty they were ... well, let's just say, the fire department would have considered them a hazard!

katenelson said...

Oh, my goodness, the hearts are PERFECT in your house! So glad to know they found the right home.
(That employer doesn't know what he/she/it is missing out on. You will be an asset to whomever has the brains to hire you.)
Love you.

Kim Carney said...

was going to call you tonight, but after all that manual labor, I am too tired ;) tomorrow ;) xoxo