Tuesday, December 07, 2010

RIP Elizabeth Edwards

I so admired Elizabeth Edwards and have never been so disappointed in a husband and political figure than John Edwards. I think his infidelity struck me as if he had spurned me, a total stranger. I can remember turning to my husband and saying ... he couldn't have done that. To her. At this time in her life and his career. She might have forgiven him before her death but I will not. I know there is always two sides to the coin/story ... but this story just seems like the same 'thinking with the little head' story. And not seeing the bigger picture of how so many of us thought of them as the perfect brainy couple, him as the voice of reason and her as the perfect, thoughtful, loyal wife. RIP Elizabeth Edwards. I will miss you.

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kim said...

Well put. I was just saying last night that intellectually I accept there are reasons people do things I despise. But as soon as they begin using that reason as an excuse for doing it, I'm out. What a sad disappointment John Edwards turned out to be.