Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Wind Lifted Me

I woke up last night hearing Gregorian chants. I smiled, with my eyes closed listened harder. I thought someone must be playing them in the house somewhere ... but it was very late and the house was dark and silent. I listened again and realized it was the wind whistling through the door making this beautitful noise. I slipped back into my dreams. The wind lifted me while I slept. I feel like I am missing fall this year ... it is going to fast. I need to take a walk today and drink some of the colors in before high winds sweep them away.

feeeling fall

feeeling fall


Shelley Noble said...

Beautifully put, Kim. A beautifully poetic allusion, the chants to the wind.

Adele said...

Words and images...totally took my breath away...again. Thanks, Kim. Adele