Thursday, October 25, 2007

Teeth Gnashing Aside

Up at 6a, out of the house by 620a. At my desk working at 715a, skipped lunch and work right up 'til 430p. Braved the 430p 520 bridge traffic to deliver food (mom made) to a new mom (yeah Gael!), made a grocery store stop to buy some pumpkins and milk, squeezed in a $300, 15 minute detour by Bryn Walker in University Village, home to get tylenol and cram a bite of meat loaf in my mouth, off to M's school music event (of course, they sounded GREAT). I admit I pinched a piece of this red-berried bush that I was parked in front of at the High School. Sent D and M off the the storage unit to find my winter clothes box.

With all of my teeth gnashing about the lack of rain here ... I have to admit ... driving home in a sun-drenched afternoon enjoying golden yellow leaves twisting, sparkling in the trees, then later discovering a full moon staring back at me in a cloudless, dark blue sky ... was wonderful.

red berries

So I realize I am really not seeing the beauty in the moment lately. OK, I see it but I don't capture it, mentally. I haven't had time to go in search of it. I catch a glimpse driving to work, or walking outside at lunch... pieces of wonderful, daily beauty, happening silently around us. And I am trying to sit still and notice it while it happens. Yesterday I watched a small, red leaf, supended between it's beginning and earth by a invisible spider's thread. It hung there in the wind, spinning, twisting, turning as if by magic, red, yellow, red, yellow, red, yellow ...

Tonight, I left the grocery store to look up and see the biggest, brightest moon laughing back at me. And I laughed back at him!


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A Native American proverb: We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.

Love you, Kimmie.